In just 7 months MB WAY grew from 100,000 users to over 500,000

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The challenge

After 2 years in which the milestone of 100,000 active users was reached on the MB WAY platform, SIBS challenged us to help create a digital strategy with the clear goal of increasing the number of users of its platform exponentially.

The result

After 7 months of work, the number of active users on the platform increased by 400% and today it is the largest Portuguese financial app and has over 3 million active users. At the moment, the group's companies continue to be primarily responsible for the strategic planning and execution of MB WAY's digital strategy.

The strategy

In order to increase the number of users on the platform, the decision was made to use performance as the main focus of the strategy to achieve the desired result.
All investment, not only in media, but also in content production, always had clearly defined objectives and KPIs, and the impact of every implemented initiative was always analysed and optimised. Whether paid or organic.
Additionally, the investment made is always strategic and sustainable, making it possible to boost MB WAY's organic results.

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BYD has been a very close partner over the years in the growth of MB WAY, among other brands of the SIBS group.
I am certain that SIBS's decision to partner with BYD in 2017 created the conditions for both to grow sustainably. The universe of digital marketing has enormous challenges of change and adaptation that have been explored by BYD and its customers, and without the knowledge and ability to integrate this into our contact with end users and companies, we would not have grown at the same speed.
Personally and professionally, I would like to thank BYD for always being there through the challenges that have arisen over the years.``

Cristiana Monteiro, Head of Marketing MB WAY